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Cable Chain Cps

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Specification of Cable Chain Cps

Cable Chain Cps

Cps Cable Chain Application Are : Industrial Machine, Robots, Machine Tools, Industrial Welding Line, Conveyor, Loader, Automatic Systems, Printing Machine, Railway Construction, Crane, Shipbuilding Etc. The Application Of Cps Cable Chains Protect Moving Cables In The General Industrial Zone.

Cable Chain

All Type

Brand : Cps ( Korea)


Cps Cable Chain

Are Made Of Polyamide6 With Glass Fiber, Bearing Up Against Low Temperature And Any Shocks.

The Chains Are Using Single-Pin Type So That Chains Hardly Separate From Each Link, Using For A Long Time With Speed.

- Mini Type : Cps015, Cps 020, Cps 030, Cps 033

- Medium Type : Cps 036, Cps 036N, Cps 050, Cps 050N

-System Type : Cps 068N, Cps 077N, Cps 095N, Cps 120N

-Sliding System Type : Cps 036S, Cps 068S, Cps 077S, Cps 095S, Cps 120S

-Enclosed Type : Cps 036E, Cps 050E